West African Fantasy Dhow


The purpose of this website is to showcase the art, code,
and techniques I have developed over the last 10 years I have
been in the 3D industry. My goals are to provide valuable
resources to fellow technical artists and showcase my capabilities
to future employers. Click here to view my resumé

What is a Technical artist?

The answer is different for every studio, but most people in the field agree that a technical artist is a sort of advanced 3D generalist - a Jack of all trades, containing in one head the roles of Animator, Rigger, Texture Artist, Modeler, Tool Scripter, Troubleshooter, and Particle Simulator to be called upon as the situation demands. My job, in short, is to bridge the gap between art and code, and allow the swift, efficient flow of ideas and vision into your game engine. I add balance to your production environment, bringing the right and left hemispheres together into a harmonious whole.

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