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Candela is a pipeline aid - it is a set of Melscripts meant to help guide the artist through multiple stages of environmental construction - from geometry and shader preparation, through assembly and placement of referenced geometry, to scene lighting, and finally, baking and file export- while reducing the complexity of the task and giving the artist a single, simple UI to use.

The Candela UI

Candela is designed to streamline the process of baking environmental lightmaps in Maya for a video game engine, such as Unreal, Source, or Unity. It allows the artist to light multiple instances of a single piece of repeating geometry (such as a pillar, or section of corridor, etc.), and then give each piece a separate lightmap, automatically, with a single render. This lightmap is then immediately visible in Maya’s geometry display for preview. Once the light baking is to the artists liking, the scene is then exported as a simple text file, which can be interpreted by the game engine of your choice. (note: no Candela interpreter is included in this package. The candela file is made deliberately simple to allow a technical artist to script one for your studio’s game engine easily.)

The result is a savings of disk space, RAM and texture memory for your game scene, as referenced geometry can be used more flexibly, and in more situations.

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